Job Title: Customer Experience and eCommerce Manager
: eCommerce
Reporting to:
Head of eCommerce, Co-CEO


Do you want to help people who are passionate about baking/sweets, who love learning, and desire a creative outlet? Are you passionate about customer experience and all things eCommerce? Come be the cherry on top of our growing team as we strive to create a positive impact on our community of 8 million + cake lovers!

Location: Remote - Toronto, and EST preferred

Comp range: $70-$75K

Our Mission: We help create IN-clusive content, experiences, and products that surprise and delight, improve skills and keep customers laughing along the way. We will know we are successful when our community consistently lets us know we add value to their lives, and when How To Cake It is a premier, global brand where baking meets entertainment.

Why this role exists: The Customer Experience & eCommerce Manager is responsible for end to end customer experience, from ensuring our website, blog, shipping, and delivery experience are all high touch and impactful while keeping HTCI’s profitability and desired margins top of mind. Everyday responsibilities require the day-to-day management and optimization of all things customer experience and eCommerce including but not limited to the maintenance and optimization of the website, blog, customer experience, eCommerce operations, fulfillment and logistics, participation in online marketplaces (like Amazon), and product pricing and shipping margin analysis.

What’s in it for me? There is a HUGE success story just waiting for you with an audience of over 8 Million people and growing. We are a content and product brand and the potential for eCommerce growth is incredible given that we have barely scratched the surface! So far we have focused on testing, iterating, and getting our feet wet, and have seen significant growth in our eCommerce operations this year!. If you are excited about not only making a MAJOR impact within eCommerce, but also a positive impact on the lives of our cake-loving community, this incredible opportunity is for you!

Required Experience:

  • Must have a minimum of 3 years experience in managing an eCommerce site and have touched everything from CRO optimization to shipping, fulfillment, as well as customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Should be proficient with Shopify, AirTable, Process Street, Google Analytics and GSuite
  • Experience collecting, analyzing, and decision making or proposal creation from eCommerce related data and being able to present it to management.
  • Previous project management experience

Objective Outcomes:

  • You will manage and consistently optimize all things customer experience, including website, navigation, shopping, checkout, shipping & delivery, unboxing, and customer service. You will actively find and fix issues or areas for improvement on the site and communicate these changes and updates with the team in a timely manner.
  • You will hold responsibility for the profitability and margins of shipping and fulfillment.
  • You will manage and consistently optimize our website, so it remains one of the fastest, most responsive, easiest to navigate, and most importantly, frictionless, conversion generating eCommerce sites around!
  • You will remain in constant contact and communication with the Directors of Operations, Head of Content, Product Development, Customer Service team, and third parties (fulfillment team) to stay current on customer needs and delivery experience.
  • You will test and optimize department initiatives, and industry best practices and tract/analyze data to report and provide insight for further optimization.
  • You will provide timely and consistent updates to the Head of eCommerce to ensure transparency around all wins, delays, or changes in timelines, planning, priorities, etc.

Core Competencies + Skills:

  • Eat, sleep, and breathe eCommerce - Be passionate and hungry to devour everything about this industry.
  • Product and customer-centric - i.e., obsessed with the quality of our product offering and with improving the lives of our customers.
  • Resourceful - Adept at using data and customer feedback to quickly pivot and implement strategic, cost-effective solutions to technical and operational challenges.
  • Highly computer and tech-literate - can easily jump between building spreadsheets (AirTable), to managing the back-end of Shopify, to punching up graphic designs if need be.
  • Relationship builder with liaising and communication skills - have experience working with graphic designers, developers, 3PLs/ fulfillment companies, communicating with customers, etc. (Understands tech/web/operations design speak).
  • Excited to deliver a fun, valuable, quality customer experience from the website experience through purchase, delivery, and resell.
  • Enjoy creating content, products, and experiences that move people, bringing levity and joy to their lives.
  • Highly creative problem solver - look for solutions and opportunities to add value.
  • Manage and work with a variety of people on projects.
  • Enjoy day-to-day maintenance and optimization of a website and other customer journey touchpoints.