Title: Recruiting Coordinator @ fast-paced + fun start-up

Location: Remote

Comp: $15-20/hr

Employment type: Independent contractor

Our mission: Recruit exists to help growing companies hire the best people for the right roles. We take 80% of the hiring funnel process off their plate, so they can focus on the 20% of filtered candidates that matter.

Why this role? Are you a college student, or recent grad with big ambitions and looking to learn as much as you can about the real world before you are unceremoniously dropped into it? Or perhaps you’ve decided to change career paths and are interested in learning the ropes of the tech world, the recruiting world, or both!

If so — you should apply to be a Recruiting Coordinator and work for one of the punniest teams to ever be spat out of Silicon Valley!

The Coordinator plays a vital part of each Recruiting Team (RT). They act as the Strategist’s “right hand”, taking extreme ownership over the communication aspect of their team to make sure everyone is on the same page and new or changing information gets disseminated quickly and accurately.

What you’d do: The Coordinator breathes the Recruiting Funnel for each role within their RT. Critical to the Client’s Recruitment Team, our dedicated and well connected Coordinators work in harmony with other members of the CRT, using their ‘get sh** done’ mentality to handle all behind the scene administrative operations ensuring all systems are a go...and on time...with all the necessary details!


  • Keep an eye on filled interview slots to make sure they are “manned” and our interviewers are well-prepared.
  • Review the Client’s hiring roadmap and maintain a log of all recruiting actions to make sure their RT is on track to successfully fill their open roles, while collecting data to help strengthen Recruit’s efforts as an organization.
  • Communicate potential roadblocks to the Strategist as needed and within the weekly RT meetings.
  • Handle all scheduling of phone screens for Sr. Recruiter across multiple client calendars, time zones and client-specific requirements.
  • Research and prepare dossiers on candidates, sharing them in the proper folder and linking them in calendar invites for fluidity in the screening process.
  • Manage ATS across clients, keep ATS up to date by setting up a specific time each day to process all changes and update profiles/cards.
  • Research on Linkedin, Angel.co + other sources to find qualified, gainfully employed potential candidates for Sr. Recruiter’s outbound sourcing.
  • Research to find backchannel references for candidates.

Required skills + competencies:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Excellent at research and finding out information, emails, numbers that aren’t immediately available
  • Creative problem solver
  • Perfect written English
  • Proactive

Required qualities:

  • Humble
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Light-hearted + funny (big plus!)
  • Persistent without being annoying
  • Flexible availability during business hours

Room for growth…

This is a very specific role BUT there is room for growth after you’ve proven yourself. We love to promote from within.