Title: Recruiting Specialist for Startups: Coordinator

Location: remote

Comp: $17.50/hr

Employment type: Independent contractor, part-time

Our mission: At Avra (www.avratalent.com) we help great companies hire great people, regardless of location. We specialize in recruiting for remote roles and work with startups to mid-sized companies who want a faster, better alternative to traditional recruiting agencies or need to add additional bandwidth to their existing talent team.

Why this role exists?: The Coordinator plays a vital part of each dedicated talent team that partners with growing companies. In this role you will act as the Recruiting Strategist’s “right hand,” taking extreme ownership over the communication, documentation and process execution aspect of their team. You make sure everyone is on the same page, ensuring all the trains stay on the track and new or changing information gets disseminated quickly and accurately.

What’s in it for me?

We hire only the top 2% of recruiting talent, from coordinators to senior recruiters. Enjoy freedom, flexibility, and ownership in a remote work environment. Work closely with and learn from a seasoned team in an exciting field, with lots of growth potential.

This is a part-time, contract position where you can take on as many, or as few roles, as you prefer. Both within Avra Talent and through a curated database of early stage companies who pay to get access to our “Avra Certified” recruiting talent. Get paid for every minute you work, no contingency only B.S. and scale up and down with your hours depending on your schedule.

Objective Outcomes:

  • Manage many accounts including but not limited to: Calendly, Process Street, Asana, TimeCamp, Google Suite, multiple ATS’, Linkedin, and multiple job boards.
  • Keep track of and collect data for tracking and reporting updates on an ongoing basis to share with both the team and client during weekly meetings and written reports. This includes professionally communicating potential roadblocks and suggested solutions.
  • Keep each client's’ ATS up to date by completing daily routine maintenance to process all changes and update profiles/cards/templates. This includes professionally communicating with potential candidates.
  • Keep an eye on filled interview slots to make sure they are “manned,” and our interviewers are well-prepared.
  • Handle all scheduling of internal meetings for the DRT across multiple calendars, time zones, and client-specific requirements.
  • Create meeting agendas, take notes and delegate tasks appropriately.
  • Research and prepare dossiers on candidates.
  • Research to find given and back-channel references for candidates.
  • Research on Linkedin, Angel.co + other sources to find qualified, passive candidates for outbound sourcing.

Required skills + competencies:

  • Detail-oriented with excellent written English
  • Organized, for yourself, your DRT, and the client
  • Looks at the big picture and embodies our value of “extreme ownership”
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Excellent at research and finding out solutions, information, emails, numbers that aren’t immediately available
  • Creative problem solver
  • Adaptable + enjoys learning new systems, process, and applications
  • Proactive, see potential problems before they happen and isn’t afraid to speak up/challenge the status quo

Required qualities:

  • Humble
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Light-hearted + funny (big plus!)
  • Persistent without being annoying
  • Over communicator
  • Flexible and availability during business hours
  • Always on the lookout for ways to improve, scale, grow personally and within Avra
  • Responsive - listen carefully, respond quickly (within reason), be open to new ideas, plan, follow up, and look for solutions

Room for growth…

This is a very specific role, BUT there is room for growth after you’ve proven yourself. We love to promote from within.

*We are currently ONLY hiring in United States time zones (not hiring contractors in CA, or NY).*