Location: Remote

Comp: 40-50 USD /hr.

Job Title: Recruiting Specialist: The Strategist

The Company’s mission: Recruit partners with startups to quickly and effectively fill non-technical roles, from Operations to Customer Success and Sales. For a flat monthly rate, clients get a dedicated recruiting team of 3-5 people, each specializing in one of the five disciplines of hiring. We’re built by a founder, for founders, so we focus is on aligning incentives with our clients through our upfront and simple pricing structure.

Why this role exists: Each client’s recruiting needs are unique. Based on location, time of year, economy, and a variety of other factors, finding the best candidates for the role may seem daunting—but that’s where the Strategist comes in. The goal is to assess the landscape and create a constantly evolving game plan to ensure Recruit delivers quality candidates to our clients—regardless of the employment climate.

The Strategist lives by the ideal that the right person is out there; it is our job as problem-solvers to find them.


  1. You should take extreme ownership of a your team’s results, with the object of finding the best person for each open role our client’s give us.
  2. You will build out strategies for each open role based on: compensation, the percentage of a population who is employed, what percentage of our search will be inbound, versus outbound, then hold your team accountable for executing.
  3. You are a general looking at the battlefield and setting a best-laid plan for winning, but, as information comes back on a weekly basis, you’re open to adjusting the game plan to optimize for our client’s best interest and allow us to find the highest caliber candidates—wherever they may be.
  4. You crafting Job Descriptions based on the client needs, working hand-in-hand with Client to understand what these are from her in-person communications with the client
  5. You brainstorm, research and get curious about ways we can attract the right talent for each open role. You update recruiting strategy as real-world data comes back and work with your team to build the most effective, and efficient, plan.

Required experience (optional):

  • Minimum 5 years experience recruiting, whether it’s with an agency, or in-house acting as a hiring manager for your team/company.

Required skills + competencies: these are professional

  • Track record of setting strategy to acquire the best workers for roles, ideally across industries
  • Examples you can point back to where your skill set in strategic thinking and planning delivered
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong pattern recognition
  • Good at developing others and helping good talent level up
  • High FSO (figure💩 out) quotient.

Required qualities:

  • Hyper-reliable
  • Creative and very curious, constantly learning and evolving
  • Data-driven
  • Analytical
  • Continually learning
  • Systems and process driven

To Note:

  • Good availability, you’re online or at least available throughout most business days, and can be responsive to your team on North American time zones.
  • This role can be done from anywhere in the world but operating on North American time zones is a must. Good verbal English, and perfect written English is important as well as a strong understanding of the American recruiting and business landscape.