Get in on the ground floor of a profitable startup with product-market fit. Work side-by-side with a seasoned founder while enjoying autonomy, flexibility, and huge growth potential in a remote-first work environment.

Location: Fully-remote

Comp range: $80,000-100,000, FTE

Benefits: Medical

About Avra Talent

Powered by a community of the best Talent Professionals in the world, Avra ( helps remote-friendly companies scale their recruiting function on-demand. We are driven by connecting great people with good work, regardless of geography, and are passionate about upholding our core values.

  • We seek alignment
  • We cultivate open and honest communication
  • We take extreme ownership
  • We strive to do more with less
  • We don't tolerate jerks or drama

Why this role exists

Reporting to the CEO, the Director of Operations will act as the right-hand and day-to-day owner of critical business functions, freeing up the CEO to focus on product and vision. This is a mission-critical role with lots of responsibility and room for growth.


  • 7+ years professional experience
  • 5+ years progressive strategy, consulting, or operations experience
  • Experience with technology startups
  • Finance background or MBA a plus

Objective outcomes

  • You will create and manage a dashboard of key performance and business metrics.
  • You will put in place the systems and processes to scale up the company and our capacity over the next 12-months.
  • You will oversee the relationship with our external CFO firm to ensure timely closings and monitor the P+Ls for accuracy
  • You will build out our HR function, including designing and implementing benefits packages for employees.
  • You will expand our payroll function for both contractors and employees, working closely with the existing team to optimize processes and build checks-balances to ensure accuracy at scale.
  • You will drive a “lean startup” culture of constant experimentation and learning.
  • You will increase operational rigor and help fill management gaps by building and training individuals in operational excellence.
  • You will set and manage performance monitoring metrics (like OKRs) and roll these metrics out company-wide with the goal that everyone has ‘a number.’

Key qualities

  • You are intelligent. Whether you graduated from an Ivy-league school or dropped out at 16, we believe intelligence isn’t tied to an education level or IQ test but instead something that can be developed with diligence.
  • You are well-respected. This doesn’t always mean well-liked, but instead, it means those around you, whether friends, neighbors, or colleagues respect you and think of you as someone with character.
  • You thrive in a remote work environment. Fully remote work is not for everyone; it requires the ability to quickly pick up online tools, familiarity with our tech stack (G-Drive, Slack, Notion, Airtable, and a variety of modern ATS’), and the ability to communicate (and often over-communicate) well in writing.
  • You are highly reliable with a GSD mindset. You say what you mean and do what you say. You are consistent and take ownership in situations, large or small. Regardless of external circumstances, you get the job done.
  • You love learning new things. Whether you learn best through reading, listening, doing, or exploring, you’re perpetually curious about the world around you and always trying to level up your personal and professional life through self-directed learning.

Hard skills

  • Data-driven: You will align individual contributors and teams around a single view of the business through shared revenue targets
  • Ability to align stakeholders: You will develop metrics that align individual contributors and teams around our shared goals, then coordinate compensation/promotions/recognition with these metrics
  • Process-orientated: You will create and monitor the revenue pipeline and leads, adjusting as necessary to create sustainable growth
  • Strategic-thinker: In tandem with the executive team, you will establish both short-term results and long-term strategy, including revenue forecasting
  • Financial savvy: You will manage P+Ls, create reports and help with financial modeling
  • Ability to switch between big-picture and boots-on-the-ground: You understand the big picture and what needs to be done to achieve it while also being able to dive into the nitty-gritty to get sh** done.