Job Title: Co-founder + CRO

Location: Fully remote

Comp range: n/a


  • Equity 20-40%
  • Work remote / flex schedule


Interested in the massive opportunity that is remote work in the $152BN recruiting market? Want to partner with a seasoned entrepreneur who loves product, ops and people and is looking for her rev-gen obsessed business soul mate? Are you obsessed with building B2B sales machines with expertise in growing revenue + a proven track record and looking to build something from the ground up? If so, read on…

Inde + Co’s Purpose: To seamlessly connect employers to highly-vetted remote professionals, starting with growth roles.

About: Over the last 2 years, I’ve built a recruiting agency (Avra Talent) to gain a hands-on understanding of the pain points from both the supply and demand sides of the talent market. This has led me to believe that there is no “war for talent” but instead a problem with distribution, and data, that if solved can create a massive opportunity.

  • Distribution: there is a nearly endless pool of top talent when companies open themselves to hiring remote talent---but filtering the best candidates from the masses requires a time-intensive, thorough process.
  • Data: every time a company starts a new search, candidates must go through the interview process, over and over. When done right, they should only need to go through the first phase of the funnel once, to qualify the top X%. Then those candidates can be connected to companies to go through final interviews.

The Product: A vetted marketplace that connects demand (employer-side) and supply (candidate-side) for roles that can be done remotely. The goal is to create a flywheel effect where each additional qualified candidate who joins the platform, creates more value for potential employer-clients, then leveling up a percentage of non-qualifying talent through education/partnerships to “badge up” and over time qualify for the top tier. The more high-quality candidates Avra’s platform has on it, the more valuable it is to companies, and thus the more valued being accepted to it would be for professionals.

Why this role exists

As Co-founder and CRO your focus will be on all things revenue and business development; working side by side with me to refine the product-market fit. You will own the demand (client) side of the business, while I own the supply (candidate) side. This partnership will build Inde + Co into the gold-standard of remote recruiting and position us to scale.


  • Our vision speaks to you—passion for the world of work + improving the experience of “matching” on both sides (workers/companies)
  • 7+ years experience driving growth at scaling startups, where you have taken an existing product and improved its reach and customer base through multiple stages of growth
  • Experience selling B2B
  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience with organic and "0 to 1" growth strategies

Objective Outcomes

  • You will be responsible for all revenue-generating activities including developing a repeatable sales strategy (think Predictable Revenue)
  • You will create a process for prospecting, qualifying and closing leads
  • You will refine our inbound sales process
  • You will develop and lead our partner-referral program
  • You will build out a dashboard that tracks the most important key metrics and helps give insight on growth strategy

Core Competencies

  • Deep experience across major customer acquisition channels, including affiliate marketing, display and search ads, SEO, social, and content marketing
  • Familiarity with new ad formats, like stories, sponsored content, and AR
  • Closing and nurturing leads through the entire sales cycle
  • Excellent problem solver who starts with *why* and is able to work collaboratively to remove obstacles and barriers

Personal Attributes

  • Incredibly driven
  • Willing to “run through walls” to realize our vision
  • Incredibly persistent
  • Data-driven
  • Great people skills
  • Integrity
  • Optimistic and enthusiastic, self-starter with a high-level of autonomy
  • Excellent communicator (both orally + written)