Job title: Founding Engineer

Comp range: $70-90 based on experience


Want to get in on the ground floor of a startup creating products that will make a real and immediate impact on the employment problems the world is currently facing? Interested in joining a team of proven entrepreneurs who’ve been remote-first since before it was cool and are on a mission to disrupt the way professionals get hired? If so, we have an opportunity for you...

Location: Remote

Inde’s mission: To help remote professionals thrive by connecting them to opportunities, resources, and community, and to accelerate the shift to remote-first employment.

Why this role exists: Working with the CEO and CPO, you will help build the Inde platform from the ground up and lead on all tech decisions.

What’s in it for me?

At Inde, we're building the first remote professional network. A platform for every remote professional and company to call home. A place where professionals control their careers, find opportunities, and connect with like-minds around the world.

We are serial founders who have built multi-million $ businesses and have scaled remote companies to 400+ employees. The shift to remote work is happening fast. This is an opportunity for one company to own the next professional network that's built for the future of work.

This is your chance to be part of the journey and come on board as an early founding team member. You’ll have the chance to build something used by millions of people, choosing your own tech stack, and shaping the product roadmap.

Required Experience

  • A balanced full-stack developer
  • 5+ years of experience (we're open to less)
  • Strong interest in solving challenges for remote professionals and companies

Core Competencies / Hard Skills

  • Very strong with one or more of Python, Ruby, server-side Javascript, or Go
  • Strong with front-end Javascript
  • Capable of iterating quickly with our CPO, formulating experiments and testing them out
  • Ability to make architectural decisions and defend them
  • Good taste, both in code and in product

Personal Attributes / Soft Skills

  • You're a great communicator, especially in written form
  • You've ideally worked remotely in the past and prefer it
  • You're the ultimate team player and have your team's back
  • You're entrepreneurial and have the confidence to ship work often
  • You're self-directed and can work autonomously
  • You enjoy sharing what you build with the world

Approach to Tech:

  • You care about building an exceptional product and user experience
  • You sweat the details and care about making something world-class
  • You engineer systems that scale efficiently
  • You understand your strengths, weaknesses and leverage resources effectively
  • You care about supporting your team and helping them grow