Seed: Director of Digital Marketing at AVRA Talent Partners

AVRA Talent Partners

Seed: Director of Digital Marketing

Full-Time in Venice, CA

Job Title: Director of Digital Marketing

Location: Venice, CA

Comp range: 100-160k base, with bonus tied to results

Benefits: Full benefits

Calling a curious, deep-thinking doer: We are a Venice-based consumer health and life science company focused on the microbiome (yes, the bacteria that make up 50% of each of us).

We are a subversive brand that speaks science, empowers through questioning, and understands everything is connected. The microbiome offers a powerful new lens to understand our bodies, to shift our beliefs about bacteria, and to re-think the way we think about our health.

We are rebels with a cause, scientists, storytellers, and dot connectors, seeking curious deep-thinkers and doers; rockstars from other verticals with existential crises’ propelling them to find purpose and application for their skills, incessant health and wellness researchers bent on putting their passion to work and above all, you are the best at what you do and are excited to say you were there at the beginning.

Collaboration is at the core of who you are and how you work and the collective win is the result of your individual ones but in a “1+1=3” kind of way.

This is a brand and company born out of the life we want to cultivate and how we want to feel about what we put out into the world. It is as much about the doing and the people as the outcome (but don’t get us wrong, we are excited to make this a win and believe deeply in the timing of this company and its potential).

And since it’s just the beginning and even though it’s cliche, it’s true; the growth opportunity here is real. Be indispensable and irreplaceable, be a leader, be honest about what you don’t know and take charge where you do, co-create our culture, and understand that you have a significant impact on our collective success (in all meanings of the word).

Yes, we’ll need you to be in LA. full time. But we understand if that involves moving here from somewhere else.

Why this role exists: Reporting to the Co-CEO, you will steward the growth and loyalty of our community both quantitatively and qualitatively. This role exists to use traditional channels with non-traditional thinking and to explore non-traditional channels with a lens of innovation, thinking always of how can we expand who we serve and deepen our engagement with those we do. This is an opportunity to marry art and science, brand and data ,and to extract value from the tension between them.

Required Experience:

  • 5+ years in fast-growing DTC subscription commerce, but open to related experience
  • Bonus: previous experience with direct response, consumer health and/or wellness
  • Optional: Bachelors in related field

Objective Outcomes:

  • You will create and communicate weekly strategies that are agile and adaptive through multiple channels.
  • You will create strategies and tactics that lead to exponential growth on traditional paid social channels (including but not limited to Facebook + Instagram)
  • You will grow traction on non-traditional channels with unique cohorts
  • You will show mastery of channel-specific USP’s through messaging and assets that lead to conversion and retention of customers
  • You will oversee CRM and create loyalty strategies that result in above average retention rates
  • You will track and communicate metrics, on a weekly basis, that not only inspire and motivate the team, but also educate them about why we do what we do on the growth side of the business
  • You will create and execute on educational campaigns, incorporated across channels for lead generation, conversion and retention of customers
  • You will oversee and manage outside agencies
  • You will contribute to a culture of curiosity by asking big questions and structuring experiments to learn

Core Competencies:

  • Creative in monetizing and extracting value from earned and organic media
  • Strong quantitative + qualitative monitoring of data
  • Strong pattern recognition and cross-channel analysis
  • Systemic, strategic thinking
  • Extraordinary multi-channel, multi-tasking, multi-project management

Hard Skills:

  • Deep knowledge of all tools and related software across Facebook, IG, Google Analytics + Google Ad Services, Segment, Klaviyo, Sprout Social, ShopifyPlus, AdRoll, Taboolah, Outbrain, and many others that you will know better than we do.
  • Ability to use email clients/CRMs for acquisition, conversion and retention
  • Ninja-level excel reporting skills

Personal + Professional Attributes:

  • Incessant monitoring of trends, algorithm changes, new tools, platforms and anything that would make you better at your role.
  • Highly creative and curious
  • Passion for learning and ability to synthesize what you’re learning and apply it across the company.
  • High empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Intensely accountable, highly demanding of themselves and others on team
  • Deep sense of ownership
  • Problem solver
  • Passionate and optimistic
  • Lack of ego